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Fire Cause Analysis (FCA) provides fire investigation, forensic engineering, multi-disciplinary engineering, and scientific evaluations to clients in the insurance and legal communities. With the combined expertise of fire investigators, fire scientists, and electrical, mechanical, and fire protection engineers, FCA is able to provide superior technical in-depth analyses that are rooted in established scientific principles. We have offices in California, Arizona, Oregon, and North Dakota.

Meet our Corporate Contacts:

Ulises Castellon, CPCU, Chief Operating Officer
Karen Peak, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Don Perkins, CFI, President
Dennis FIeld, CFI, Vice President, Fire Investigations
Geoff Hazard, MS, CFIVice President, Fire Investigations
John White, PE, Vice President, Engineering Services
Hal Lyson, CFI, Director of Fire Investigations
Carol McDonald, CPCU, AIM, Director of Business Development

Headquarter Address

Fire Cause Analysis
935 Pardee Street
Berkeley CA 94710