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We’re excited to announce that FCA’s own Ulises Castellon is presenting at this year’s South Bay Insurance Professionals Assoc. (SBIA) Meeting! This presentation will take place on Friday, June 16th in Torrance, CA.

The “Vessel Fire Investigations” program utilizes compelling fire cases involving a variety of vessels to illustrate effective forensic fire investigations. The fire loss case studies range from a multimillion dollar yacht to commercial container transport vessels. The ensuing investigations provide a teaching opportunity to evaluate and contrast the investigation methodology utilized by both public and private sectors in order to provide perspective as to the challenges involved in these cases. The ”Vehicle Fire Investigations” program utilizes visually compelling fire cases to illustrate effective vehicle forensic fire investigation involving:  Private Passenger Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Trucks, and Heavy Equipment. This workshop is designed to provide thoughtful understanding among claims professionals to provide some tools and perspective to cost effectively utilize experts in the context of the overall claim resolution goals.


Learn more about Ulises Castellon below:

Ulises Castellon CPCU, RPA, Chief Operating Officer

Fire Cause Analysis, Berkeley, CA