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March 22 – 11:15 am to 12:15 pm
Ulises Castellon, CPCU, RPA, Chief Executive Officer, Fire Cause Analysis, will be speaking with a panel of insurance industry professionals.

“Harnessing the Power of Mentorship at Every Stage of Your Career”.

Session Description:
Mentorship is valuable at all stages, twists, and turns of your insurance career. Our diverse panelists share their perspectives on topics including: how to create a mentorship relationship both inside and outside of your organization, formal and informal mentoring, and the various potential roles of mentors and mentees. We will also tackle how to use mentorship not only as a linear path for upward promotions, but a valuable tool in pivoting and finding allies when making career changes. This session is sure to be thought-provoking and leave attendees with a fresh appreciation of the power of mentorship.

March 22: 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm
Ulises Castellon, CPCU, RPA, Chief Executive Officer, Fire Cause Analysis and John White, P.E. IAAI-CFI, MSc, Vice President of Engineering Services and Sr. Forensic Fire Investigator for Fire Cause Analysis speaking.

“Fire Investigations and Analysis in an Evolving Solar Power Industry”.

Session Description:
This session is designed to develop the skills necessary to ensure a thorough and effective claim investigation and resolution. Claims professionals will receive the tools and perspectives needed to understand solar energy systems, process a solar system fire scene, collect evidence from the scene safely, and evaluate the claims-related issues. This engaging program will incorporate technical, claims, and legal perspectives and discuss solar energy systems using photographic and video as visually compelling fire case examples. We will demonstrate the current state of solar power system fire investigations, to ensure the claim’s professionals complete and proper analysis of solar system fire-related claims of subrogation and liability exposures.