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Comprehensive Evidence Collection, Storage & Disposition

Reliability & Integrity in Every Investigation

In California, Fire Cause Analysis has 3 locations where evidence is preserved. The storage facilities in Berkeley, Santa Clara, and Santa Ana are equipped with laboratories for inspections  of stored evidence. Santa Clara and Berkeley have lifts and equipment designed for the inspection of vehicles. The FCA facilities are capable of safely storing items ranging in size from wiring remnants to items as large as vehicles, boats, and transformers. FCA offers independent evidence collection services, with the option to store the collected evidence, upon your request.

Our Evidence Services


  • Our highly trained and qualified staff follows NFPA 921 Guide Chapter 17 to meet the demands required in secure, safe and reliable evidence handling
  • Over 25 years experience collecting, documenting and handling evidence
  • Residential: appliances, debris, electrical evidence, batteries
  • Commercial: HVAC, utility, manufacturing, power storage and distribution
  • Vehicles: passenger, commercial passenger, heavy equipment, marine
  • Comprehensive documentation to track the entire Chain of Custody process


  • Strict procedures for accurate Chain of Custody following NFPA 921 chapter 17.10
  • Locations in California, currently Santa Clara, Berkeley, Santa Ana
  • On-site indoor warehouses including racked storage
  • Outdoor covered storage options 
  • Climate controlled solutions available to manage humidity and temperature
  • Specific storage protocols for hazardous evidence such as: lithium ion batteries, chemicals, and fuels
  • Ability to customize storage for specific needs


  • Chain of Custody and authorization for complete documentation for disposal
  • Reliable and responsible disposal of all materials, especially hazardous wastes

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