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Product Research & Development

Fire Cause Analysis provides comprehensive research and development as well as testing services for evaluating the flammability of materials. Applications for such materials include those used in building construction, consumer products and transportation vehicles. Much of this evaluation work involves conformance with past, current and proposed building codes or other applicable regulations. FCA applies state-of-the-art evaluation techniques to demonstrate the efficacy of a given product, BUT only when the use of such techniques are cost effective.

Typical FCA research and development clients include businesses, engineering and design firms, and trade associations.

FCA engineers and scientists have extensive hands-on experience in a wide range of areas and all have experience with forums where the positive aspects of client products or processes need to be stressed. Assistance is available at short notice to our clients to address highly specialized problems, including those occurring with projects in-progress so that delays do not occur. Services can reduce reliance on and/or enhance the capabilities of clients in-house engineering and scientific staff.

Typical Project Areas

  • Determination of flame spread and smoke generation of building materials
  • Determination of auto-ignition temperature and flammability limits of organic liquids
  • Development of state-of-the-art fire hazard assessment techniques for flammability and smoke toxicity in transit vehicles
  • Preparation of technical and installation manuals for use with contemporary building products
  • Small scale fire resistance screening of structural transportation composites
  • Presentations to Federal, State and Local authorities concerning fire related properties of client products
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis of competing products
  • Preparation and justification of test programs and supporting documentation for Model Building Code research reviews
  • Participation in ASTM, NFPA and other forums on behalf of client firms and trade associations

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