Kirk Staggs

Electrical Engineer Associate

Kirk Staggs has 30 years of experience as a contractor working on fire testing and safety analysis for various programs. He is experienced in conducting small and large-scale fire experiments to evaluate and determine the performance of materials, fire models, energized and un-energized electrical wire and cables, building and ventilation systems, and fire management systems. In the past, he has performed training of fire fighters and testing personnel.

He currently conducts inspections to determine the cause and origin of fires involving single and multi-unit dwellings, commercial and industrial building and/or complexes, gas and electrically powered vehicles, and a private substation. He also provides consulting in all aspects of testing (designing, coordinating, fabricating, and operations) related to fire, explosions, and equipment performance and failure.


  • Certificate in Fire Protection Engineering from UC Davis
  • AA degrees in Electronic and Computer Technology from Chabot College
  • U.S. Navy, Millington, Tenn.; Aviation Machinist Mate Jet (A) School